AC Project

Generator Project

Repairing Heat Pump

This heat pump had a bad reversing valve which did not allow the unit to heat. Changing a reversing valve is an involved process but we have all the equipment to do it correctly. The gas has to be recovered, the part must be soldiered, then a vacuum pulled and gas put back in the system.

Mini Split Install

Installation of a quad mini split system , so it provides heat and air to 4 zones

Gas water heater & gas furnace

Lighting upgrade

Here we added can lights and a ceiling fan to the living room. While we were at it we added receptacles and switches

Service entrance

Here we are installing a new service entrance including a meter base and panel box. This was upgraded from a 100amp to a 200 amp service

Commercial Gas furnace & roof top air conditioning

Here we repaired a rooftop unit that had a leak in the coil, since the system was opened to the air we also installed a filter dryer.

New panel box for remodel job

New 200 amp breaker box

Commercial gas furnace

After sitting idle for twenty years we got these furnaces running!

Our Work